Facade & Siding Cleaning in Des Moines, IA

Power Washing Facades and Siding

We have over 10 years of experience customizing our detergents and processes for all types of building structures including brick, EIFS, stucco, limestone, vinyl siding, steel siding and paneling, glass, pre-cast and others. We specialize in multi-family complex cleaning and have cleaned hundreds of breezeways and entire complexes of every size.

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Daniel Bush
Multi-Family Solution Rep
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The Soft-Washing Advantage for Your Cleaning Needs

For most substrates we are able to use our soft-wash approach to cleaning. This involves the application of a detergent blend under very low pressure to one section of the building at a time. While allowing the detergent time to emulsify the soiling, we scrub any stubborn areas with a soft brush. Finally a high volume/low-pressure rinse washes away the grime. We have found this approach not only provides better results than traditional high-pressure cleaning, but greatly reduces risk of damage.

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Oxidized Metal Restoration

Direct sunlight breaks down paint pigments on all types of metal buildings, causing the surface to become chalky. This degradation, known as oxidization, can be especially prevalent on the south sides of buildings due to direct sunlight. High pressure cleaning offers uneven results, at times leaving the surface more unsightly than before cleaning. We developed a unique process to remove oxidation and evenly restore the appearance of metal buildings. While this restoration is critical for proper paint-prep, many of our clients have found that our solution is effective enough to avoid re-painting altogether. 


 Historical Restorations

If you are managing a historical property with sensitive brick, stone, metal or other materials we would love to discuss our restoration solutions with you. We have safely cleaned off organic soiling (mildew and lichen), mineral deposits (such as carbon fall out from near by coal plants) and leaching minerals (such as efflorescence and calcite) with our customized approaches to building care. We are equipped to help you preserve the historic value of your structure while halting the decay and deterioration of it’s facade.