Historical Restoration in Des Moines, IA

Heritage Building Facade Restoration in Des Moines, IA

Heritage Building Facade Restoration in Des Moines, IA

Professional Historical Restoration

Pressure Point Cleaners has the experience and care to beautifully restore your historic building.

Whether it’s brick, limestone, slate or another material, we can customize a solution that will safely remove decades of pollutants, mildew, and mineral deposits without damage to the substrate. Trust Pressure Point Cleaners for your Historical Restoration needs!

We can also provide options to seal and protect the surface to preserve its look and function for years to come.

Check out the difference our solution made to this historic brick building. The section on the right has been cleaned.

I hired Pressure Point to power wash the facade of my 3-story historic brick building in downtown Ames. I appreciate that John took the time to research our brick and find a cleaner that worked well without damaging the brick. His team was prompt and efficient, cleaned up thoroughly after themselves and finished the project under-budget! I definitely plan to work with them again.

Dan M.

Heritage Brick Cleaning

We are passionate about preserving the grand architecture of the many historical buildings in Des Moines and surrounding areas of Iowa. We want to help preserve these buildings for many future generations. Inexperienced Power Washing of these structures can create irrevocable damage  to brickwork. Call us today for an obligation free estimate or appraisal and discover why we are the premier choice for historical building facade restoration works.